Was I Born A Witch?

I’m in a lot of Pagan Facebook groups where Pagans of all traditions can come together to celebrate, grow, and learn. A question that pops up time and time again in these groups is something along the lines of How do I know if I was born a witch?

If you’ve wondered this yourself, you might have gotten some pretty varied responses. Well-meaning websites list anything from marks on your palm to just not giving a damn in general as “signs” that you’re born a witch.

Those erroneous articles aside, most practitioners know the truth: no one is born a witch. It’s true that some witches are born with certain spiritual gifts. You may have always “known” things beyond what you’ve been exposed to. You could even have been born into a family with a long-practiced witchcraft tradition. However, while anyone can be born with spiritual gifts—that doesn’t make one a witch.

What does make someone a witch is choice. You choose to practice witchcraft, to learn what it has to offer, and to make it a part of your life. No one else can tell you whether you are. No special marks or gifts. You choose to be a witch, and it’s as simple as that.

For most of us, it’s a lifestyle and endless journey. Sure, there are those who call themselves “dabblers,” but most witches have spent a significant amount of time learning our craft and incorporating it into our daily lives.

In the beginning of my own practice, I asked this very same question. Was I born a witch? I had many gifts and didn’t fit in with anyone, instead choosing to drift through social groups, mainly in shadow. I knew things others didn’t and saw the world differently from just about everyone around me. There are quite a few in online communities who’d claim those are signs I was a witch at birth.

I believe that I was born with the potential to become a witch. There are spirits, deities, and such varied otherworldly beings who interact with us on the earthly realm all the time. Whether in this realm or another, it’s possible for these beings to become attached to others. They may choose to guide and protect certain people, much in the way we might choose to help and protect our friends and family.

That’s why it might seem like witchery has been “calling” you. In a way, it has been. Some people are more inherently tuned into the spiritual realm and are therefore more likely to pursue a Pagan practice. Still, you are not a witch until you take on that mantle.

No one is born a witch, but most of us are born with the potential to become one. If you feel you’re guided to this path, I encourage you to pursue it for at least a year before deciding one way or another. Remember that no one else can decide for you whether or not you’re a witch—not relatives, not other witches, and certainly not strangers on the internet.

So, what are some of the signs you saw or experienced growing up that lead you to this Pagan path? How did you discover your connection with witchcraft? Let’s discuss in the comments!


With love always,
Lady Morgana Brighid HP MCCA


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4 Commentsto Was I Born A Witch?

  1. Tammy Baker says:

    When do my abusers leave me alone
    and when does my money grow

  2. Kathryn says:

    I found this while searing about that I am a born witch. I didn’t choose this path. It chose me. It’s runs in my family lineage. I’ve actually renounced it all after experiences with Jesus Christ. I was even baptized and felt I was fully born again and followed the path that was put before me on that journey. It’s been about a year now and after months of great experiences and doing my best to fit it I can say I just don’t. I’ve never really fit in. I feel I was born into this path and there’s really no way around it besides absolute self denial and that is a painful life. It’s just who I am. Like it or not. I don’t need tools or crafts or anything to do the magic that rises forth from me. I need only be fully present and the rain comes. The snow falls. The wind speaks. I’ve onlt fire left to merge with and in this I’ve partnered with an Aries as I have a trauma of fire in my current lifetime. I honestly at times have felt I don’t even want this on my life. But it feels clear at this point there is no way to avoid it.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story! Whether it’s something that comes from family or something you’ve felt compelled towards your whole life, the choice to be a witch is still yours. It sounds like you’ve chosen, but haven’t fully accepted your choice. Why avoid it? What does it feel like to do so?

      Best of luck to you!

      Take care,

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