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  1. Amber says:

    I need laws in my life, and ones that align with Mother Earth make the most sense to me. Thanks for posting.

  2. I’ve become much more at ease with my body (being underweight), in the last ten years or so. It has more to do with how I perceive others perceiving me, than my own self-image. One key thing, The key thing in this I believe, is that I understand I can only change my body slightly. And I agree that being nude or almost nude, naked, skyclad, is more revealing not just of body but of soul. I also agree that, beyond a doubt, working on one’s body image is inextricably working on one’s soul.

  3. John says:

    My power seems to come from giving, humility, and logic, and not feeling like I have power with others, which is paradoxical. However, it is power and I weild it carefully. I think this involves freedom as well, which is a form of power over the world, not people. Thus, others grant me power after trust.

  4. I am so glad to be part of a Wiccan-Pagan group. In my twenties, I had only an appreciation for the natural world. I knew it was part of a greater reality, and for me it included my Christian upbringing. In my thirties, I worked in the natural world, but alone. In my forties, this continued, and I became a writer, trying to contribute new ideas, to whomever would read them, about mystical views of nature. In my fifties, this continued. And in my sixties now. There are less things at my surface that are learned, and more things that have become internalized. I have read extensively in Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Keltic, Buddhist, Gaul histories, and many other protohistoric ceremonial ideologies. After a while, I began to realize that all these people were creating and adapting their beliefs to the needs of their psyches. In their wild world, this is a form of homage, and thus taming– sacrificing, honoring seasonal changes… but in our more tame world, as we have now, we need to go further afield to get the same feelings, to become a bit wilder, to take more chances, to worship the wilderness. Thus, I know that we are meant to change these rituals after studying them, and this is honoring our ancestors in Wicca.

  5. Hi there!
    I have just started penning a blog with this niche, and I recently began a series of simplified ritual. One of the most important things I’ve gleaned from my journey as a Pagan (a very short one so far) is how subjective the craft and faith is. You can study every manual, every book, practise every day and your experiences will almost always differ to another’s. I still feel very insecure about my paganism, I know a lot of people with the same faith but for whatever reason have never actually spent time with them outside of work, nor have I ever attended a Pagan gathering. What I find works best for me is to make the craft my own, but also begin by recognising how or where I am most sensitive. Some people find the divine or the other whispering to them, others see embodiments, and some, like me, feel shifts in energy. Because my sensitivity to the craft and my faith is energy based, I revolve my practices around that – instead of following guides or instructions for Esbats, I make it up as I go, following my instinct and what I feel is right. I used to find myself disheartened by my inability to hear or see messages from the Gods or Devas, but I later discovered that this isn’t how I connect with the world. I have found that yes, keeping an open channel of communication with the Gods and Goddesses is imperative, but also putting magick in everything you do – saturating your life with it. When you’re cleaning your home, you’re cleaning its energies and celebrating life, when you’re kicking back at the end of a long day or going out with friends, you’re taking care of yourself, engaging in acts of pleasure and again, celebrating life. There’s one thing that’s always stuck with me – any act of pleasure is an act of worship. The last thing I’ve learned is that it’s really hard to define what witchy even feels or looks like, there is no dress code, or theme, or universal sensation. Your witchy lifestyle may not look or feel the same as others, but it is no less valid or real. I am no expert, and I am a newbie to the faith, but a lot of what I write revolves around my journey of discovery, and maybe there’s something to be found in my words that could help. If you’re interested in reading, check out postmodernmagick.wordpress.com
    and if you just want to chat, follow me on twitter @postmodernmagick !

    • Wow, it’s like you’re in my head! So many of my choices are based around energy and I treat things like cleaning, showing love, etc much in the same way. In every aspect of my life, I try to incorporate some magick. I think it’s precisely because of how different everyone’s experience is, and how society sees Paganism, that this feeling of insecurity is so common and pervasive. I’m strong in my faith, not because I’m a “better witch” than anyone else (like that’s even a thing), but because I’ve been in it for so long and I know my own experiences. My faith is unshakable.
      I think it’s beautiful that you’ve begun this journey. I’m always down for more magick folk and friends! Unfortunately, I did look up your blog and twitter, but they don’t seem to be available. Whenever your twitter’s ready, you can follow me @Vwilder_Author and give me a shout to follow your blog! ^_^

      Blessings and love!

      Edit: I found it through wordpress.

  6. John says:

    Thank you Victoria! I like “walking away” the best of all….

  7. Tammy Baker says:

    When do my abusers leave me alone
    and when does my money grow

  8. Kathryn says:

    I found this while searing about that I am a born witch. I didn’t choose this path. It chose me. It’s runs in my family lineage. I’ve actually renounced it all after experiences with Jesus Christ. I was even baptized and felt I was fully born again and followed the path that was put before me on that journey. It’s been about a year now and after months of great experiences and doing my best to fit it I can say I just don’t. I’ve never really fit in. I feel I was born into this path and there’s really no way around it besides absolute self denial and that is a painful life. It’s just who I am. Like it or not. I don’t need tools or crafts or anything to do the magic that rises forth from me. I need only be fully present and the rain comes. The snow falls. The wind speaks. I’ve onlt fire left to merge with and in this I’ve partnered with an Aries as I have a trauma of fire in my current lifetime. I honestly at times have felt I don’t even want this on my life. But it feels clear at this point there is no way to avoid it.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story! Whether it’s something that comes from family or something you’ve felt compelled towards your whole life, the choice to be a witch is still yours. It sounds like you’ve chosen, but haven’t fully accepted your choice. Why avoid it? What does it feel like to do so?

      Best of luck to you!

      Take care,