Not Just A School?

As you may remember from previous posts, MCCA began as little more than an idea for a witchy study group. Over the years, it has grown, only slightly as an online community. Admittedly, progress has stalled since the beginning of this year, and Maiden’s Circle seems to have taken a few steps back in favor of other endeavors.

It’s true that the academy aspect of Maiden’s Circle has not been my main focus as of late. In the last entry before my trip, I mentioned that I’m writing a novel. I actually started the book back in 2010, but I frequently put it down when I would reach difficult places, adding to it maybe once or twice a year. The story had no plot, no real concept of how things would progress or how they might end.

Then, in 2015, I decided to focus. I looked over what I had already written, the research and brainstorming I had done over the years; it had amassed into a book’s worth of notes. It became clear that not only did I still love the world and characters I had created, but that the story was there, jumbled up in all of those notes. I organized them, wrote an outline (which I had never done for short stories or essays), and now I have just under 50,000 words of my manuscript written!

As you may remember from an earlier entry, the goal for Maiden’s Circle has grown from a study group to a full on course that will hopefully someday be a major part of the world’s education system, offering a safe place for Pagan families. I intend to support myself through those and other goals. Lately, I have entrenched myself in the world of writing, and in doing so, have spent countless hours researching the business of publishing.

In the writing community, publishing methods are often the subject of debate. Mainly, the argument is between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Both options have plenty of pros and cons, but I have decided to go the self-publishing route. It will be a large investment on my part. I intend to offer editing services–my own and those of other talented editors I work well with–in an effort to help other writers and creatives achieve their goals. However, in order to offer those services and publish my own works, I would need to register a business to publish under. Since I will already be registering Maiden’s Circle as an LLC, I’ve decided to publish under the same name.

So, in addition to the academy, Maiden’s Circle will serve the writing community. In the coming months, as I write my manuscript and plan for the future of MCCA, I will smooth out the details so that all of MC’s services work cohesively. In time, I hope Maiden’s Circle will have even more to offer. I hope to share and grow in the name of the Maiden, of the feminine Divine, and to touch the world under the Maiden’s Circle brand. It won’t be easy, but I think it will be worth it. As always, I’m excited to continue this journey and to share it with you.

Many blessings and with great love,
Lady Morgana Brighid, HP MCCA

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