Maiden’s Circle Coven & Academy was created to guide Seekers toward a deeper and stronger connection with the Divine through an Eclectic Wiccan practice. The program is run by members of the Maiden’s Circle Coven, a Goddess-oriented coven of modern, eclectic practitioners with a traditional coven structure.

The MCCA program is dedicated to serving the Goddess and those who seek Her. Founded by HPS Lady Morgana Brighid, we are a sisterhood of women who rejoice together in song, dance, and learning the Mysteries!

Who we are:

Maiden’s Circle Coven is a Goddess-oriented priestess coven. We follow the Wiccan Rede, but are not strictly Wiccan practitioners. We come together as Sisters under the Divine Mother with open hearts and in perfect trust.

High Priestess: Lady Morgana Brighid, founder of Maiden’s Circle and practicing Pagan for over 16 years

What we believe:

MCCA follows an Eclectic Pagan path. We follow the Wiccan Rede “An it harm none, do as ye will,” but allow for the integration of other Pagan paths in our practice. We are a Goddess-oriented coven, though we do acknowledge the duality in all things.

What we offer: 

The MCCA course provides a year and a day of study on the Wiccan faith and Witchcraft with a secular study of Pagan beliefs and an emphasis on Goddess worship. At the end of the course, Seekers will receive a Certificate of Completion*. Seekers are also granted the opportunity to become Initiates of the Coven** and to continue their magickal journey in our Circle!


*The Certificate of Completion states only that a student has completed the MCCA course satisfactorily and qualifies for Initiation as a priestess of Maiden’s Circle Coven.
**Becoming a member of Maiden’s Circle Coven is neither required nor guaranteed for any student of the academy.