Lady Morgana Brighid

Lady Morgana Brighid (Pronounced: Brid) began her journey in early adolescence. She had always been fascinated by the occult, but was raised in a Christian Baptist home in a small town in Mississippi where fear of the craft ran rampant. At around 12 years old, she worked up the nerve to tell her mother she no longer wanted to attend church, who (surprisingly) agreed without argument. 

Having only heard of true magick once or twice in her young life, and receiving the bulk of her “knowledge” from television, her introduction to the craft was mostly based on fantasy. The first thing she did was try to write and do a love spell on her crush, which back-fired and the target of her spell moved away soon after.

She decided to change her approach and headed to her local library, which had no occult resources, but provided access to the internet. The mall a few towns north had a bit more of a secular book selection, and these books were her first introduction to real magick and witchcraft. After two years of study, she dedicated herself in a Wiccan solitary ritual and has never looked back. 

Now, after over a decade and a half, Lady Morgana knows she chose her path well. She lives a life in which she is able and willing to be her most authentic self. That isn’t common for everyone. Her focus has shifted from spellcraft to growth, wisdom, joy, truth, and love. She’s much more interested in inner healing these days. While her practice has mostly been solitary, she has met and worked with many covens and study groups throughout the years. In 2014, during a private ritual, she heard a calling to reach out to the pagan community in her new home of New York. She couldn’t ignore it and, over time, Maiden’s Circle evolved into its present form. 

Lady Morgana’s sun sign is Gemini with a moon in Aquarius. She is an ordained minister with ULC. When not tending to MCCA matters, she keeps busy writing, reading, finding ways to stay healthy, singing, spending time with friends, working, creating art or watching cartoons. She takes great joy in helping others and bringing happiness whenever and however she can. MCCA was created out of love and that very joy, and Lady Morgana will continue to put her heart and spirit into its growth. 


Blessed Be