The Course

Maiden’s Circle Academy offers a 12-month course. It is not graded. The effort you put into the work will directly correlate to the benefits you get from the Covenpath course. Below is a list of the classes in the Covenpath course with a brief description.

Wicca The Religion

In this lesson, we’ll discuss what it means to be a Wiccan and practicing witch. We’ll learn about the history of Wicca as a religion, the basic tenets of Wicca, and the basic beliefs and guidelines that tie us together in Maiden’s Circle Coven.

Oh My Goddess 

This lesson introduces us to the Goddess and her many faces. We’ll explore the history of the Divine Feminine throughout the world, as well as ways to connect with the Goddess image that speaks most to us.

Herstory History

This lesson offers a look into the history of the Witch throughout the world, including the witch hunt hysteria that took place in Europe and the United States in the 1600s.

What’s In A Rit?

In this lesson, we will begin work on meditation and learn how to create rituals for a group. We’ll also look into different methods for working with and building energy during ritual.

Wicca the Lifestyle

This lesson looks at the tools we use for daily witchy living. We will discuss the various Wiccan holidays, rites of passage, and ways to incorporate magick into our everyday lives.

Magick With A K

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how and why magick works, the various tools one could use to work magick, and the basics of casting a Sacred Circle.

Mirror Mirror

This lesson teaches the basics of divination using a variety of tools, including the Tarot, Runes, and Mirrors.

Sticks and Stones

This lesson allows us to expand our knowledge of stones/crystals and plants/herbs. We will learn different ways to use stones and plants in our magickal workings.

The Witch’s Brew

Here we’ll discuss natural potions and salves, including how to make our own. We’ll take some time to explore differing methods of healing for ourselves and for others.

How Charming

This lesson provides a look at charms, talismans, and amulets. We will discuss how to create and bless them, as well as their history.

The Witch’s Book

This lesson is necessary to prepare for graduation and moving forward with Maiden’s Circle. During this lesson, we will have the opportunity to review and share all that we’ve learned over the past 11 months.

And A Day

This is less of a lesson and more of a reflection on all of our progress. We’ve completed the course and are now ready to begin life as a practicing and well-studied Wiccan. In-person students are sent off with a beautiful Farewell ritual, followed by a celebration of the last year.  All students will receive a beautiful certificate and a special gift from Maiden’s Circle.  Congratulations! 

The Covenpath

This lesson is exclusively for those who wish to continue their journey as a member of the Maiden’s Circle Coven. Here, we’ll look at what coven-life is all about and get to know our fellow Priestesses!