Throughout this site, the phrase “traditional structure” has been used frequently with little information as to what that means. Covens throughout the world come in many shapes and sizes. Traditionally, Wiccan covens were comprised of 13 witches. These covens often had a High Priestess (and/or High Priest, for non-matriarchal covens) who would head and organize rituals and other coven events. Many covens work on a degree system, beginning with “initiate” as the first degree and elevating from there.

Maiden’s Circle uses a similar structure of having a High Priestess, but may have more than 13 members in the future. In addition, our “degree system” begins with the Seeker. Initiates are those who have been accepted as full members of the coven. Initiates have completed the course, have demonstrated a strong knowledge and skill in a specific aspect of the Craft, and have shown a willingness to be a healthy, productive, and loyal member of Maiden’s Circle Coven.  The positions within MCCA are as follows:

  • High Priestess:  Sets meeting dates and locations, appoints instructors, presides over meetings and rituals, sees that the resolutions passed by MCCA are carried out, and develops the educational program for the Academy. The HP has 16 years of Wiccan and Pagan study and is always happy to help those in need! Don’t hesitate to call!

  • Handmaidens: Take the place of the HP when she is absent or incapacitated. Handmaidens also take part in the planning for classes, meetings, events, etc. They are priestesses who have been with MCCA either since its earliest stages or for at least a year and a half (including year and day). There can be a maximum of four Handmaidens in MCC at any given time. Handmaidens and the High Priestess are collectively known as the Inner Circle, and shall preside over rulings in certain situations (such as amending the Bylaws or adding to the coven BoS).

  • Priestesses: Have signed the Initiate Agreement after completing the MCCA Covenpath course, have been voted into MCCA, and have been formally initiated by ritual into the Coven. Priestesses are sometimes assigned as instructors, though only after a suitable time has passed. It is recommended that new Initiates continue to study with the MCCA program.

  • Seekers: Students of MCCA. They are expected to participate in the classes, attend online chats, and do the course work as assigned.