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We’re Moving the Blog!

Hello, Witchlings!

For the last couple of years, our blog has been hosted over on my personal site. For a while, I wrote in that blog pretty regularly, so I thought that site would be perfect to showcase my writing. I mean, if I was already doing it, why not let my readers see it?

Of course, I didn’t consider the fact that branding is kind of a big deal in the world today, even if you aren’t running a business. It’s important for people to understand the purpose of a website when they visit. And, frankly, having my Pagan blog on my author website confused people. That site is for a writing-related audience. This one is for my Pagan community.

So, now, I’m doing something that should have been done forever ago. It just makes sense. We’re moving the blog to this website. In addition to the blog move, our activities in the Facebook group will begin to phase over into the forums here. (Be sure to sign up!)

If you’re a member of the group, you’ll see a long explanation as to why on Monday morning. The gist of it is that Facebook is quickly becoming less and less a part of my own life. I’m slowly pulling away from social media, and I want to bring my community into a safer space.

So, the blog’ll be shifting over tonight. It’s still on hiatus as far as new entries go, but at least it’ll be in the right place. See you soon, Witchlings!

Blessed be,


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