MCCA Bylaws



Article I. Mission Statement

The Maiden’s Circle Academy (henceforth referred to as MCA) 12-month course is to guide Seekers toward a deep, fulfilling connection with the Divine through an Eclectic Wiccan practice.  The program is run by members of the Maiden’s Circle Coven (MCC), who are henceforth referred to as Initiates.

Article II. Meetings (Regular, Special, Quorum)

  • Classes will be held the Full Moon Sunday of each month and at other times as deemed necessary.

  • Time of class shall be from 5pm to 8pm EST, with the option to stay for a discussion of various topics after each class.

  • In the month of October, at the end of the year, a special meeting will take place to honor the Seekers who wish to continue after completing the course as Initiates in MCC.

  • Special meetings may be called at any time by the High Priestess (the HP). Also, any Initiate with two others, Seeker or Initiate, may request a special meeting through the HP, in writing. In all cases, special meetings shall be limited to the stated purpose, which must be communicated in advance to all Initiates.

  • A minimum of two Initiates, including a Handmaiden (HM) or the HP, must be present at any Seeker meeting in order for Maiden’s Circle business to be conducted.

  • A majority of Initiates shall be present at any special meetings during which a Seeker is voted into MCC or amendments are made to the MCC/MCA Bylaws. A majority vote of the Initiates present is needed to approve amendments to the Bylaws or to elect new members.

  • Any Seeker who fails to attend 3 consecutive classes without being excused by the HP or a Handmaiden (HM) from attending, or Initiate who fails to attend 5 in any 12 month period, will be considered for withdrawal.

  • The use of written proxies is hereby permitted for those unable to attend any regular or special meeting. A proxy vote will be counted when it pertains to a specific issue previously discussed by MCC members, not to issues brought up and decided at the missed monthly meeting.

Article III. Initiate Positions and Duties

Initiates are those who have been accepted as full members of MCC.  Initiates have completed the full  program, have demonstrated a strong knowledge and skill in a specific aspect of the Craft, and have shown a willingness to be a healthy, productive, and loyal member of MCC.  MCC observes three levels of hierarchy:

  • High Priestess:  Sets meeting dates and locations, appoints instructors, presides over meetings and rituals, sees that the resolutions passed by MCC are carried out, and develops the educational program for the Seekers.  The HP  is the founder of MCC and MCA and has 14 years of Wiccan and Pagan study.  She is always happy to help those in need, so don’t hesitate to contact her!

  • Handmaidens:  Take the place of the HP when she is absent or incapacitated. They are priestesses who have been with MCC either since its inception or for at least a year and a half.  There can be a maximum of four Handmaidens in MCC at any given time.

  • Priestesses: Have signed the Initiate Agreement after completing the MCA program, been voted into MCC, and signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Initiate Agreement and Bylaws of MCC.  Priestesses are not required to become instructors, though it is possible.  All Initiates are Priestesses, and all are required to attend meetings.

  • Seekers: Students of MCCA.  They are expected to attend and participate in the classes, and to do the outside work as assigned.

Voting for new Priestesses takes place one month before the last Seeker meeting of the season. If absence from that meeting is unavoidable, appropriate proxies may be submitted beforehand to elect new Initiates.  Each Initiate is assigned a duty based on her demonstrated skills.

Article IV. Removal of a Member

If any Initiate (HP, HM, Priestess) or Seeker does not fulfill duties required as described in Article III, that member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from MCC will be discussed and voted upon. At that meeting, the Initiate may present statements to the coven in an effort to retain the position.

Removal will occur if so voted by majority of the Initiates present at the meeting or voting by appropriate proxy.

Article V. Guests

Members must receive permission from the HP or HM before bringing guests.

Article VI. Contributions

Seekers are not required to pay fees, as MCA is first and foremost about helping you on your path.  In the event that rental space is required, a small fee may be put into place if necessary.  To help prevent this, a “Love Offering” box will be present at each meeting for those who wish to donate to help MCA and MCC grow.  Donations are never demanded.  Initiates are requested to contribute at least ten dollars ($10), or any needed tools, to MCC each month.

Article VII. Book of Shadows

The MCA Book of Shadows shall be an ever-changing resource for information about the Craft and will be updated with class materials after each meeting.    The BoS also contains information about your fellow Sisters, as well as about the course.  The MCA BoS will be displayed next to the offering box at each meeting.  The BoS is an essential tool for any practitioner and is ultimately what will become of your Moon Books. No one has the right to see what is in your personal BoS without your permission!  No HM or HP can force you to show her what is in your private BoS.  It is yours!

Article VIII. Privacy

There shall be a strict policy of privacy within MCA and MCC.No member may ever reveal MCA or MCC business to anyone outside of the group.This especially includes the names of your fellow Sisters, ritual activities, or any other information that may violate the privacy of others.The locations of our meetings are to be kept within our Circle.All members (Seekers and Initiates) must sign an oath of secrecy upon entrance into our Circle.This is to ensure the safety of all members.

Article IX. Drug Policy

Maiden’s Circle requires that members never attend meetings under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol.  Any members who do may be asked to leave the event and may be subject to removal.

Article X. Philosophy

  • Maiden’s Circle Coven and Maiden’s Circle Academy follow a Wicca based Eclectic Pagan system.  We live under the Golden Rule and the Wiccan Rede of “Harm none, do as ye will.”

  • We request that Seekers refrain from the use of magick and spells before completing the program.  There is a lot of background to learn and to jump into spells too soon can be disastrous!  MCC wants to avoid any magickal mishaps.

  • MCC requests students take no other classes or join any other covens while participating in the MCA course.

Article XI. Withdrawal

Maiden’s Circle Coven understands that our path may not be right for all.  If you wish to leave, Seekers may speak to the HP or HM and simply inform them in writing.