General Reading


Receive a 30-minute general advice reading.

How do I know if this reading is right for me?

This reading might benefit you if: 

You’re going through something and need guidance to solve a problem.

You haven’t been feeling like yourself and want to understand why.

You want to know why things haven’t been going your way and how to overcome it.


(Now for some legal stuff)
All readings are for spiritual guidance, education, and entertainment purposes only. Maiden’s Circle is not a medical provider. We are not certified to provide therapy. Maiden’s Circle does not accept any liability for actions or decisions a client makes as a result of these readings. No reading associated with Maiden’s Circle is meant to replace professional services, including but not limited to: medical, psychological, therapeutic, financial, legal, and/or business. Readings must be scheduled and paid for in advance. Cancellations must be made in writing with a 48 hour notice. Cancellations due to a non-emergency that are made with under 48 hour notice may receive a 50% refund. By purchasing or scheduling any Maiden’s Circle services, you acknowledge that you are 18 or older and have read these terms. You agree not to indemnify and to hold Maiden’s Circle harmless at all times. You acknowledge that Maiden’s Circle does not guarantee 100% accuracy and that you will not defame Maiden’s Circle as a result of a reading. You’ve had the chance to and have asked all questions, and acknowledge that you entered into this legal and binding disclaimer and terms of service agreement by your own will. Blessed be.



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