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The New Maiden’s Circle Blog!

Merry meet and welcome!

As beta testing for the Maiden’s Circle Coven and Academy course progresses, I’ve decided that now is a good time to follow through with something I’ve been planning for months and finally start a new blog. I have had a personal blog for a few years, but could never quite narrow down a subject.  I wrote about my daily life, my emotions, random thoughts, and shared short stories and poetry. The page is updated an average of twice a year. Needless to say, that blog isn’t very popular.  What makes this any different?

I never had a goal. My ideas were scattered and I lacked any clear plan. I blogged for social media and boredom. Now, I have a basic road map ahead of me, as well as students who no doubt will benefit from the planned articles.

There are stretches of time when the MCCA community is relatively inactive, as beta testers have busy lives. This small group of seekers is working through the material and providing feedback. As they work, they are encouraged to ask frequent questions that ultimately help me find methods for improving the curriculum to best serve the Pagan community.

These questions have inspired not only the first two blog posts for Maiden’s Circle, but the next almost 30 titles and ideas.  In addition, I invite visitors to this site to send in any of your questions. Each week, I’ll post something new.  So far, there are enough topics to fill up half a year!

The topics aren’t all questions from MCCA students. There will be posts like this one, sharing information about the workings of Maiden’s Circle. You’ll find articles related to each lesson offered in the Covenpath course and other witchy goodness.  I’ll offer progress updates on the Academy, exclusive rewards for my students, as well as updates on other MC-related news.

I’m deeply thrilled to begin this new branch of the MCCA journey! This would not be possible without the Seekers who are testing the course and inspiration from the Divine.  I am immensely grateful to all who are participating in making this a reality.  I hope it is helping you as much as it’s helping me.  (Of course, if it’s not, the feedback from students will help fix that!)

Until next time, I send out love and blessings to all who need it!

With love,

Lady Morgana Brighid, HP MCCA