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Updates for September/October

Merry meet, my darling Witchlings!

If you’ve been watching the YouTube channel, you might already know some of what I’m going to say, but I wanted to be sure to get these updates anyone who may have missed the news.

For the last two years, I’ve tried to maintain a weekly posting schedule. Of course, that hasn’t always been a successful endeavor, but I did my best. There have been quite a few changes in life over these two years, so it’s only natural that this blog and all my other projects change a bit, too.

In addition to life changes, my energy has had a shift over the last few weeks. That’s bound to happen at times. Whether it’s due to the loss of a loved one or physical illness, our personal energy often fluctuates. And, even though meditation can make the fluctuations a bit smoother, no one is immune to these shifts.

Instead of resisting, I find it’s best to simply go with the flow. So, I’ve made some changes to our posting schedule, as well as a few other Maiden’s Circle offerings.

So, what’s new?

Posting Schedule

As I mentioned above, we’ll be changing our schedule when it comes to these blog posts. For the past two years, I’ve tried to post weekly, but that’s no longer feasible. So, now I’ll be posting once a month, publicly. We’ll also have a private post for a select few. I’ll give you details about that in just a moment.

In these public posts, we’ll have our standard fare: series and updates. But, in the private blogs, we’ll be getting deeper into magick and spellwork. I’m looking forward to talking more about those topics. Of course, that doesn’t start until there’s demand for it.

Tarot Schedule

In addition to reducing my posting schedule, I’ll also be reducing the amount of tarot videos I post. For quite some time now, we’ve had “daily” tarot readings posted on the weekdays. While this schedule forced me to really train my intuition and allowed me to get some meditation in every day, it eventually got to be a bit overwhelming.

The daily schedule also began to eat into my writing time and the time I spent on other creative projects. That aspect of my life is just as important as the spiritual aspect, so it’s important to me that I have balance.

It’s that need for balance that has led me to reduce the amount of tarot videos I make myself record each month. So, official as of last week, I’ll be doing pick-a-card readings once a week and Life Path Number readings once a month. This change will give me a little more time and wiggle room when it comes to these readings.


Of course, even though I am reducing my overall posting schedule, I wanted to provide a few special offerings for Maiden’s Circle’s most loyal supporters. So, Maiden’s Circle now has an official Patreon!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a way to maintain operations and keep a healthy, balanced life. I have been putting so much of myself—so much time and personal energy—into Maiden’s Circle, but it wasn’t providing me the stability necessary to continue at the rate I’ve been going. I have workaholic tendencies, and this Patreon is an effort to justify that work.

On Patreon, you’ll receive an extra private blog each month, as I mentioned earlier. I’ll also be offering a private monthly reading along with a spiritual channeling, a monthly live chat, some Maiden’s Circle branded gear, a free spell download, and more. What you receive depends on the tier level you choose.

So, if you want to directly support Maiden’s Circle, either click here or copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Thank you so much for your continued love and loyalty to Maiden’s Circle. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Please know that you are appreciated. Since this update is coming so near the end of the month, this will be your only blog post this month. Look out for the next one in the first two weeks of October.

Thank you again and blessed be.

Yours in service,
Lady Morgana Brighid HP MCCA

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Air and the East

Hello! This is the second entry in our series on the natural elements. In this series, we’re going to have short entries on the main cardinal elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. We’ll explore their connections with other aspects of the craft, such as color and direction correspondences.
We’ll start with those basic correspondences, then move on to tools of the craft which are used to represent these elements. Then, we’ll follow that with various activities one can do in relation to the elements and finish off with elemental connections to the Zodiac.
I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this series, so be sure to leave comments and say ‘Hi!’ on the Facebook page!

Air and the East

While I’ve never seen a ritual opened in the East, I’m sure there are some traditions which do just that. In any case, since most traditional rituals begin in the North and move clockwise, Air usually follows, placed in the Eastern corner.

I couldn’t say for sure why Air always follows after Earth, but my own theory is that this is due to the actual rotation of the planet. Earth is the dominant element because, well, it’s our home. And because of the Coriolis Effect (a phenomenon that pushes air and water currents either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the hemisphere) we in the Northern Hemisphere—where Wicca and similar crafts originate—naturally follow the clockwise direction.

So, that explains why we move from North to East, but why is Air associated with the Eastern corner? I think this may bear a slight stretch of the imagination. If you’ll allow me, I’ll take you through what’s running around in my head.

Picture yourself in space. It’s large and infinite, but no air moves there. There’s no atmosphere. Now, see yourself floating downward, safe and unafraid, towards Earth. You see Earth and know it’s there, so it influences your senses even before impact. Then, you enter the atmosphere. Air is the next element to influence your senses as it breezes across your skin.

So, in this macro, zooming-in sort of scenario, Air follows Earth because it’s the second we come into contact with. And, since East follows North, Air resides squarely in the Eastern corner.

Of course, that’s just my theory, and there are a ton more from a million other sources. I’d suggest looking into your own path or paths that catch your interest to see why they associate certain elements with a corresponding direction.

Since I’ve pretty much explained why I believe Air corresponds with the East in this section alone, I’ll tell you some of the reasons I think Air is a wonderful element of the craft.

Air is Uplifting

Have you ever been out on a nice day, where the sun wasn’t too hot and the breeze was just right? Those are the kinds of days in which nothing can dampen my mood. Because I spend so much time inside sitting at my computer, I prefer the days I do go out to be nice.

Of course, living in my city means “a nice day” differs depending on the season. Still, my favorites are those bright-but-not-too-hot Fall or Spring days when the wind is blowing just hard enough to make my skirts dance. Just as the breeze raises my skirt, it also lifts my spirits. Those days are often good-mood days, barring something terrible happening.

The buoyancy Air offers to birds, balloons, and plastic bags can be tapped into energetically. We can use that symbolism to raise our spirits and heighten our vibrations to improve both our lives and our magick.

Air is Calming and Cool

Sticking with our weather example, there are days in New York when the heat can be truly oppressing. It sticks to our skin like paste, and all we want is a cool breeze to bring sweet relief.

Or, say we’re in a crowded station and the proximity of hundreds of people begins to overwhelm us. Our chest tightens and our anxiety is suddenly through the roof. All we want is to be able to take in a nice, clean, full breath of air.

Air has a way of soothing our discomforts. It can cool our heads when we’re angry if we take a walk. It can calm our overactive minds through meditative breathing. We can use air to create balance before our rituals through breath exercises, through dance or moving through the air, or through meditation with incense smoke. We can use air to bring a sense of peace and focus to our rituals, as well as a bit of levity to counteract the somewhat “heavier” elements.

Air is My Element

The main reason I love the element of Air is that it’s the element associated with my Zodiac sign. We’ll get into the Zodiac in a future article, but I will say that I resonate pretty deeply with the generally accepted Air sign personality traits.

For one thing, Air signs are known to be big on communication. As a writer, singer, occasional actress, and Pagan teacher—pretty much everything I do relies upon my skills as a communicator.

It took me years, though, to get to the point where I could speak up for myself, let alone for or in front of others in any capacity. I was in my mid-twenties before I finally grew into this aspect of my sign. Now that I’ve found a voice for myself, I want to use it to free myself of old mindsets and help others do the same.

Of course, that long and ever-growing resume is yet another trait of my sign. Constantly moving from one project to another, taking on more work than I probably should—not because of some societal declaration that I must do so, but because I have an endless stream of ideas running through my head and they’re all super exciting. Those are the traits given us by Air.

Before I learned about my signs and numbers—the various charts that can help us understand ourselves—I lived in a state of resistance. I followed a path I thought I was “supposed” to follow and it led me into depression and confusion. I struggled so much with my identity. Then, I began to really understand my charts and explore sides of myself I’d suppressed. After all—art doesn’t pay. Writing isn’t a job. So, why bother?

Now, I can happily say I am definitely an Air sign. Letting myself pursue the things I love, instead of doing the things everyone else wants me to do, has provided me with balance and freedom like I’ve never known before. Yes, I have taken on more work than might seem normal, but I’m doing what my soul directs me to do. And just knowing that leaves me feeling light and airy.

How do you use Air in your ritual work? Do you use it for more mundane things, like calming panic attacks or just cooling yourself down? Do you associate any other directions with Air? Let me know in the comments!

With infinite blessings,
Lady Morgana Brighid HP MCCA

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Maiden’s Circle Updates and Announcements

Hello, Witchlings

For the last 24 weeks or so, blog entries have had pretty much the same format. They each began in the same way and shared a basic structure. Now that the Ordains series has ended, I don’t know how to start a non-series post without feeling like a sailor stepping onto solid ground for the first time in months.

This entry is simply to give an update on Maiden’s Circle endeavors before we move into our next series. I’ll discuss a bit about that series’ focus at the end of this post. First, I’d like to share upcoming and ongoing news. If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you may have heard some of this already, but I thought I’d go into just a smidge more detail.

First Up: Tarot and YouTube

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you probably already know that I provide free daily tarot readings on the Maiden’s Circle YouTube channel. I started this channel back in 2015, but really began utilizing it for tarot on January 1st in 2017. It’s been a year and seven months to the day.

Those videos consistently draw between two and thirteen viewers, due to the fleeting nature of a daily message. While high numbers aren’t the main goal, exposure for Maiden’s Circle has always been part of the plan. So, I’ve been brainstorming ways to continue providing what I believe to be a valuable service—guidance through divination—in a way that might not only draw more interest, but will push me to grow and expand in my own practice.

Lately, I’ve studied some interesting things in pursuit of my faith, stuff I’ve always had an interest in but struggled to wrap my head around as a teen. I’d like to incorporate these new learnings into my practice, and it makes sense to continue that study on the channel.

I’m Taking A Journey Of Self-Exploration

In addition to divination videos, I’d like to offer a series in which I discuss various witchy/spiritual topics. I’ve been in a process of exploring my own beliefs and knowledge, searching for gaps in what I think I know and refreshing what I might have forgotten. I’m doing this because, the more I try to step into the role of a teacher, the clearer I see how little I actually know. And that is very little.

Even so, I’m constantly learning. Every day, I pick up something new, and I am incredibly grateful to recognize how far I’ve come since starting this path eighteen years ago. My life is full of blessings beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and I owe much of that to my faith. Even in hard times, of which there are plenty, I am blessed with a charmed life. (And I’m not just saying that because A Charmed Life is one of my favorite witchy books, I genuinely mean that my life seems to be touched by the Divine in many ways.)

I want to share the beauty and spiritual healing that my practice has brought to me. In order to do so, I need to be confident in my understanding of the material I’m sharing, as well as proactive when it comes to learning as much as I can about our universe. One of the things that helps me feel like I’m serving the Pagan community is the YouTube channel, so I figured, why not do the series there?

There will probably only be one a month, as I realize I’ve had a pretty ambitious year so far. Still, I feel called to reach out to our community in this and numerous other ways.

The Academy Finally Has An Open Enrollment Date

That said, I’m not quite ready to reveal it just yet. I will, however, be announcing the exact date enrollment opens for the Maiden’s Circle Covenpath course in September of this year. I truly believe this course will help so many people find their way.

This course has been a labor of intense love for nearly five years. It sometimes feels like the more I put into it, the more that has to be done to get it just right. Its construction seems to have overshadowed one of the coven’s main purposes, which is to create an in-person community of people who share a similar understanding about the world. Yet, I can’t shake the feeling that this course will do exactly that.

Creating a 12-month Pagan course is a long and often tedious process, especially when one is doing everything on their own. From lesson-planning to video-scripting/recording/editing and slide creation, a lot more has gone into this than I originally expected when I started Maiden’s Circle. Heck, I just imagined I’d give lectures to groups of women and host rituals.

Now, much of my life and soul are wrapped up in Maiden’s Circle, and I know this is the right path. I feel more true, more authentic, and generally happier than I’ve ever been before because I have Maiden’s Circle in my life. I am so thankful for whatever muse put the thought in my head, and I am thrilled to be this much closer to sharing it with my community.

I’m Going On Vacation and Starting A New Series

Over the last twenty-odd weeks, I tried something new with this blog. The goal was to connect this blog to the Covenpath course by focusing on one of the subjects in an early lesson. It also provided steady material for nearly six months, giving me one less thing to have to think about.

This format worked out well, I believe, so I’ve decided to try it again. This time, the subject matter deals less with moral questions and instead focuses on the basic cardinal elements nearly all witches learn about in the early stages of our path.

That is, I’ll be doing a series on various topics relating to Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I’m hoping this series will be a bit more fun than the Ordains, which was occasionally something of a headache. This series will also lean more on the informative side than the personal response thing I did with the Ordains, so expect shorter entries for a while.

Be sure to check for the first entry on July 8th, then every week after that. The 29th and the 5th are up in the air at the moment, as I’ll be away from my computer those days. If I can get the entries written up in advance, that’d be great, but I’ve never successfully managed that…so, we’ll see.

I suppose that’s it for now. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. Things are slow-going, but they’re moving forward. I’m excited to see what other changes arise throughout this year! See you next time and blessed be.

Lady Morgana Brighid HP MCCA

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