The Ordains: Part 7 – Always Do Your Best

This is the seventh entry in a series on a set of Pagan guidelines known as the Ordains. The Ordains, as we know them today, can be found in the works of Gerald Gardener. Maiden’s Circle uses a simplified version that has been edited and altered to reflect our core beliefs.

“Should you take a task upon yourself, work hard and well to accomplish it properly and in good time. Always do the best you can.”

You may notice that this entry is a day late. You may also have noticed that last week’s entry was even later. Pretty much all of my life, I’ve had trouble with the “in good time” thing. Whether it’s missing deadlines, showing up later than intended, or taking three times longer to do simple tasks than I might on a well-scheduled day, time management and I are not always friends.

This law, like the others, is still a handy guideline to keep in mind as you take on any activity. Even if you share my bad timing issues, it’s a good idea to do the best you can with whatever task you take on.

I think it’s more important to try your best and work hard than to necessarily do things in good time. The way I see it, it’s like the story of the tortoise and the hare. I assume we all know this tale, but if not, click here.

The gist of this tale involves a race between a very slow tortoise and a very quick hare. The hare, in his hubris, runs ahead, but then decides to stop and mess around. He even takes a nap. The tortoise, however, keeps his eye on the goal. He takes his time and arrives across the finish line at his own pace. Of course, the hare wakes up too late and loses the race.

So, what can we take from this?

For me, it means that as long as I stay true to myself and true to my goals, the timing will line up. So long as I don’t completely dismiss my deadlines, it doesn’t stress me out that much if I’m a little late.

Naturally, lots of people will disagree with me. There are many who believe that being late is a sign of disrespect. I’ve seen people literally take another person’s lateness as a personal slight against them. This seems excessive. The truth is that 90% of the time, people aren’t passive aggressively being late to piss someone else off.

Most of the time, when I’m rushing out the door, I find a million different things that need to be done—usually when I’m already in the hall. My cat is begging for attention (how could I resist!?). I forgot to blow out a candle (what if a fire burns down my entire building and it’s all my fault?). It’s supposed to rain, and I forgot an umbrella (if my headphones get wet, will I be electrocuted to death?).

Because I live in New York, going back into my apartment for even thirty seconds means I could miss my train (even though I originally left five minutes before it’s scheduled). I miss my train, and what should have been a simple twenty minute commute now takes double the time and means I’m ten minutes late.

If you don’t live in New York, that might not make much sense. But, trust me—MTA is kind of wacky that way.

I don’t think a person who’s chronically late is intentionally disrespecting others. For some of us, life just works at a different pace. Yes, I make my best efforts to be on time, but more often than not, it’s a crapshoot.

I know I move at a different pace than many of my peers. While I have no control over whether or not others will take my bad timing personally or use it against me, I am in control of how I perform when I’m there.

Even on those days when nothing seems to fall into place, I work hard to make sure that what I’m doing is done well. This could be writing, working one of my day jobs, working with a tarot client, or literally anything else. I may not be the best, but I will always try to bring my best to the table.

This attitude has kept me from giving in to failure. Even if I’m doing my best, things don’t always work out the way I might hope. But as long as I continue doing my best, as long as I keep my eyes on the goal—then, just like the tortoise in his race, I’m confident I’ll get where I want to be in due time.

How do you manage your time? Do you find yourself slacking off or putting less effort into things like your job or home life or relationship? Share your experience in the comments or come say hi on Facebook!

P.S. I’m considering starting a charity to offer aid to people who are homeless. Would you be interested in participating in an endeavor to create care packages for New York’s homeless?
The idea would involve bags of essentials including blankets, non-perishable food, feminine hygiene products, and more to help someone navigate life without a home. Homelessness can happen to anyone, so I want to do my part.
If you’re interested, email me here and I’ll let you know how you can help!

With blessings and love,
Lady Morgana Brighid HP MCCA

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